The members of VDMFestival online service can publish and update the Syllabus, the festival program, results and other music festival data in the Internet. This service also provides online registration. Storing all data in database reduces the amount of manual maintenance and update of festival web site

With VDMFestival system, you can cut down on costly printing Syllabus, Festival Program, Certificates, and letters for entrants and teachers. It is designed to reduce the amount of clerical effort during the registration, increase scheduling accuracy and automate mailing process. Our system also offers multiple entry handling, timetable conflict detection and provides more than twenty useful reports.
Meets specific music festival's needs
Specially designed for music festivals
Creates flexible schedule
Unique bottom-up approach for scheduling system
Reduces number of errors in scheduling
Identifies accompanists and competitors conflicts
Reduces the amount of clerical effort
Prints Syllabus, Program and others festivals reports